Meet Jai

Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner 

AdvDipCouns, S.N.H.S.H H.I. Dip. (Psychotherapy & Counselling), O.A Dip. (Naturopathy), Dip (Holistic Counselling) Graduate of International Association of Wellness Professionals, Dip (Professional Integrated Therapeutic Counselling), CBT Practitioner Certificate, Dip (Professional Counselling), Counselling Practitioner Certificate, Certified Holistic Therapist & Kindred Certified Mental Health Communicator 

Certified Holistic Therapist & Wellness Practitioner Jai has spent over 15 years studying, qualifying and working in holistic therapies and counselling.  She has over 23 qualifications in Holistic Therapies and Counselling.  She understands that your space reflects your life and a balanced mind reflects a balanced life.  She is now also currently studying a BSc in Social Psychology.


Through her in-depth consultations, Jai will help you bring awareness that can help you see your present life situation in a new light. You can discover how energy -- positive or negative -- from people and from your environment is affecting you on a daily basis. Jai will teach you that when you bring holistic living into your life, profound and life-changing realisations take place.  She uses elements of many different counselling techniques in her consultations as well as many other forms of holistic therapies to provide you with the information you need to create a calm and peaceful mind.

Jai's aim is to help you to be able to utilise the guidance that she provides and use it in your life and in your home.  This will help you improve every area of your life, including your luck, health, career, prosperity, close relationships and receptiveness to becoming more spiritual and educated in every day life. Having good holistic health is all about removing blocks in your life and creating good energy, so that you can move forward on your personal path in a positive way.