Balance & Chi

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Chi is manifested in the yin and yang. The Yin and Yang demonstrate how the universe is balanced. Chi applies to everything in the universe. Natural landscapes, buildings and people. Chi needs to flow freely in your life as well as your home to make you feel balanced. Chi is the central practice of Feng Shui and Taoism and is the invisible force behind all life. In order to have a healthy and successful life, it is so important that your chi is free, flowing and balanced.

If your Chi is blocked or built up in a certain area, whilst leaving other areas of your life neglected you can become imbalanced and stagnant and this can lead to both physical and mental disease.

Chi manifests itself in the five elements:

  • Earth

  • Fire

  • Metal

  • Water

  • Wood

As well as colours, shapes and intensity because of the different associations with the elements.

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