What is Chi?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Chi is an invisible force and thus, those who are not looking for it may not see it. Perceiving chi is a skill and it is a central tenant of Taoism and Feng Shui. For some, the ability to feel or see chi comes naturally while others have to work for it. However, because it is a skill, anyone who is willing can work on their abilities and become someone who notices chi and thus has the ability to correct it when it is imbalanced.

To start a practice of the perception of chi, begin with your own body. Although the human body is a solid form that can be seen, heard, touched and smelled, the body is actually made up of water. In reality, your body is a fluid designed to fit in with the fluidity of the world, which also appears solid at first glance. When you think of your body this way, it is easier to see how a person is made up as patterns of energy and the flow of chi. This premise helps you understand and accept change and allows you to feel the joy in adapting to nature and looking for energy patterns.

Is there areas in your home or your life where you feel a good flow of chi?

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