How To Remain Clutter Free

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Clutter in your home or in your mind can create a huge amount of negative energy within you and within your home. It can make you feel overwhelmed and chaotic and your home feeling not a nice place to be. Here are a few tips to help you remain clutter free:

Think About What You Own & Why You Own It

What are the objects in your home that make you feel good? Does some of your belongings hold bad energy but, you just keep it for the sake of it? Understanding your belongings and what they mean to you is a very important part of Feng Shui also. Identify what is the object, what does it represent to you and why you need to keep it. It is holding good energy? Learn to prioritise only the positive things in life to fill your space.

Be Clutter-Free In Your Greeting Spaces

Your Greeting Spaces is the place where you enter your home or a room. As this is an area that gets a lot of footfall, it can get quite cluttered and messy very quickly. Be careful not to make this space a chaotic place. Design this space so it helps you to remain clutter free. Provide baskets for shoes or bags and a place to store umbrellas etc.

Make Your Bedroom A Calm Space

On average, humans spend 30% of their life in their bedroom. In fact, you spend more time sleeping in your home than doing any other activity. Your bedroom environment really effects your sleep as well, so it is important to make this space a calm and happy room in your home. Before bed, have a quick tidy around so that when you go to sleep you are in a calm space and when you wake up, you are ready for the day.

Keep High Traffic Areas Clear

There are three main areas in your home that will get the highest traffic. This includes:

  • The Bathroom

  • The Family Room/ Living Room

  • Kitchen

You can transform these areas from a high source of stress into a wonderful space that promotes growth, productivity and togetherness. Throughout the day, do a quick 10-minute tidy to keep clutter at bay.

If It is Broken Do Not Keep It

It is very common to see that something is broken and plan to fix it. However, that broken item will remain stagnant and holding negative energy until you do. Through procrastination and also forgetting, you may never fix this item. Broken objects represent one of the worst types of clutter because it is negative energy related to brokenness. Having too many items in disrepair in the home can result in the inhabitants of the space feeling just like that broken object.

If something is broken, decide in the moment whether it is worth fixing. If it isn’t, dispose of it appropriately and quickly. If it is, fix it now.

Don't Like It, Don't Keep It

Keeping things you do not like makes very little sense and is bad form in the practice of Feng Shui. Whenever you look at something you don’t like, you harbor negative energy and it keeps the clutter in your home.

Perform A Deep Clean

Feng Shui is concerned with your health and wellbeing as well as your home. This is why I recommend to my clients to remove small amounts of clutter by doing a deep clean of the space. Get rid of the harsh chemicals in your cleaner and opt for natural aromatherapy cleaners instead to help keep your air quality healthy.

Once the clutter is removed, clean out drawers, wipe down appliances and clean all the important surfaces in your home to remove micro-clutter like dust, dirt and other particles that can bring you down.

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