What is Chaalu Mind?

'Chaalu' means 'beautiful' in the national language of the Maldives therefore, Chaalu Mind means 'Beautiful Mind'.

Jai developed Chaalu Mind to to help women get the support they need to deal with anxiety, depression and stress and how they can deal with this in a positive way.  She also developed Chaalu Mind for clients who are feeling a little lost in life and need positive direction, support and inspiration.  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a lot of changes and worries which may have caused you to feel a lot of anxiety and worry.


  Jai developed her signature programme 'The Mind Spa' to help you address negative clutter in your life and is designed it especially for women.  A de-cluttered mind is free of all the various forms of emotional, mental and spiritual clutter which is preventing you from thinking clearly.  Clutter in any form causes negative, stuck or unhealthy energy.  Holistically clearing your mind allows you the shed the baggage that is weighing you down, so you can embrace good energy, live in the present and have a clear mind to move forwards in your life.

The Mind Spa can help you a huge amount and give you a toolbox of support to help you understand your feelings and emotions much better.

It is Jai's true mission to help her clients reclaim their Beautiful Mind in a natural and holistic way.  She can teach you tips and tricks to alter your lifestyle in order to reduce stress, anxiety and depression through various holistic healing modalities.

Gain the help and support with someone who has experienced what you are going through and now lives a life she never thought was possible.  Her promise to  you is that you are a survivor, you will get through this and she can help you.

Her signature programme 'The Mind Spa' can help you have the information you need to know how to holistically heal your emotions and have the opportunity of getting the 1:1 support you need in order to manage your symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety or give you more direction in your life.  A 60 Minute Session is £60 or a 90 Minute Session is £90 and can be held over Zoom (working with clients Worldwide) 

How Can 'The Mind Spa'Help Me?

* Giving you a Depression Detox - Helping you understand depression symptoms and ways you can manage your mood.

* Helping you create a holistic home that increases your energy.  By improving the chi in your home it will always create more positive energy in the home and in your life.

* Learn stress relief tactics that will help you feel more relaxed.

* Learn how to develop Wellness Rituals that can enchance your wellbeing and a happy and healthy mind.

* Helping you to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

* No matter what problems you are going through, a holistic approach balances the mind, body and spirit.   This approach can be applied to reach your goals in life, be healthier and feel happier. 


The Holistic Home

1:1 Online Workshop

A Holistic Home applies to your surroundings and how you can live a balanced, healthy and beautiful life by addressing your mind, body and spirit in yourself and in your home.  In the Holistic Home 1:1 Workshop we will cover the interior design of your home,  wellness and the flow of energy within your home as well as your own wellbeing.  By integrating all of these things, we bring together your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing within your home.  The Holistic Home 1:1 Workshop connects your mind, body, spirit and space and how they work in harmony with each other.  We also cover the psychological aspects of how your emotional issues and challenges in life manifest into your space e.g appearing in your home as clutter or procrastination.  Also a dirty, cluttered home is not a healthy efficient home which you can excel in.

The Holistic Home 1:1 Workshop  always helps you to thrive in your environment from a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit within your own home.