Meditating in Nature

The Mind Spa


The Mind Spa is a holistic counselling session that will address negative clutter in your life and is especially designed especially for women.  A de-cluttered mind is free of all the various forms of emotional, mental and spiritual clutter which is preventing you from thinking clearly.  Clutter in any form causes negative, stuck or unhealthy energy.  Holistically clearing your mind allows you the shed the baggage that is weighing you down, so you can embrace good energy, live in the present and have a clear mind to move forwards in your life.

Mind clutter can be overwhelming.  It can cause us to have scattered thinking, self-doubts, cynicism, indecisiveness, procrastination and worry .  The Mind Spa Sessions helps you to de-clutter your mind by having a clear focus of your daily goals and specific intentions. This helps you gain a sense of inner-strength giving you much needed clarity with your decision-making, intuition and focus.  Mantras, mental exercises, meditation and positive thinking will help shift your perspective to a new thought process.

Once the interior of your mind and home are clutter-free, you can open your mind to new possibilities and put your positive energy into things that matter.  This is where the real transformation will begin. The Mind Spa Sessions can help women just like you who may be suffering from anxiety, depression, worry or loss of focus in life. 

Weekly sessions are recommended.

60 Minute Session £60

90 Minute Session £90

Through Zoom (working with clients Worldwide)

The Holistic Home

1:1 Workshop

A Holistic Home applies to your surroundings and how you can live a balanced, healthy and beautiful life by addressing your mind, body and spirit in yourself and in your home.  In the Holistic Home 1:1 Workshop we will cover the interior design of your home,  decluttering and the flow of energy within your home as well as your own wellbeing.  By integrating all of these things, we bring together your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing within you and your home.  


The Holistic Home 1:1 Workshop connects your mind, body, spirit and space and how they work in harmony with each other.  We also cover the psychological aspects of how your emotional issues and challenges in life manifest into your space e.g appearing in your home as clutter or procrastination.  A dirty, cluttered home is not a healthy efficient home which you can excel in.

The Holistic Home 1:1 Workshop will teach you to thrive in your environment and create your perfect holistic home.

5 Week Programme £420

4 x 90 Minute Consultations 

1 x 60 Minute Consultation 

Consultations held through Zoom 

Working With clients Worldwide


& Wellness


A wonderful skincare and wellness consultation.  Learn how to create your own healthy skincare routine using natural, Vegan and cruelty-free products as well as providing dietary and lifestyle advice.  This session also includes £20 to spend towards natural skincare products.  All consultations are held through Zoom.

60 Minutes



Relaxing Facial